19+ Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Discover Culinary Perfection!

Published on: Mar 1, 2024

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with a batch of warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies? These delicious treats are a staple in many households during the holiday season, and for good reason. Not only are they easy to make and customizable, but they also fill your home with the irresistible scent of freshly baked cookies. In this article, we will share our favorite Christmas chocolate chip cookies recipe that is sure to become a family favorite. So, put on your apron and get ready to bake up some holiday cheer!

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Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

Main Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Egg, Vanilla, All Purpose
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cooking Classy
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies - Lil' Luna
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies - Wild Wild Whisk
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies | Recipe | Desserts, Cookie ...
If you're looking for a unique twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie, then look no further than these red velvet chocolate chip cookies. The rich cocoa flavor of the red velvet pairs perfectly with the sweet and gooey chocolate chips. It's a match made in cookie heaven.
Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies. - Half Baked Harvest
Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies {An Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe}
Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Skinnyish Dish
Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with these festive Christmas chocolate chip cookies? The addition of red and green M&M's make these cookies not only delicious but also visually appealing. They're sure to be a hit at any holiday party.
Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies. - Half Baked Harvest
The Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - Inspired By This
Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies {An Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe}
Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies {Healthy, Whole Wheat} - Lauren Kelly ...
If you want to indulge in some chocolate chip cookies without feeling guilty, then try making these healthier whole wheat versions. The whole wheat flour adds a nutty flavor and extra fiber to the cookies, making them a healthier option for your sweet tooth.
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Healthier Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Main Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar
Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies • Fit Mitten Kitchen
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies | The Nutritionist Reviews
Thick and Chewy 100% Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies | Easy Wholesome
Chewy Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies | Grain Mill Wagon
Don't have a lot of time to bake for the holidays? These easy Christmas cookies are the perfect solution. With just a few ingredients and minimal prep time, you can have delicious and festive cookies in no time.
Easy Christmas Butter Cookies - Ready in 20 Minutes! - Drive Me Hungry
Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make with Kids - Glitter On A Dime
Soft Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies - Live Well Bake Often
15 Quick and Easy Christmas Cookies - Love and Marriage
For a unique and flavorful twist on traditional shortbread cookies, try adding maraschino cherries. The sweet and tangy cherries add a burst of flavor to these buttery cookies. They're perfect for holiday cookie exchanges or as a gift for friends and family.
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Christmas Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies

Main Ingredients: Unsalted Butter, Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Extract
Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Christmas Cookies! - My Incredible Recipes
Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookie | An Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe
Christmas Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies
Cherry Shortbread Cookies - Basic shortbread cookie dough with ...
If you love the combination of sweet and salty, then these toffee pecan chocolate chip cookies are a must-try. The toffee bits and pecans add a crunchy texture to the soft and chewy cookies, making them irresistible.
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Toffee Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies #ChristmasWeek

Main Ingredients: Butter, Shortening, Granulated Sugar, Brown Sugar
Giant Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies - Mom On Timeout
Awesome Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan + GF) - Full of Plants ...
Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies - House of Nash Eats
The Best Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies (VIDEO) - Spatula Desserts
If you're tired of making individual cookies, try making these Christmas cookie bars instead. They're easy to make and perfect for feeding a crowd. Plus, you can add your favorite holiday sprinkles on top for a festive touch.
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Christmas Cookies Bars

Main Ingredients: All Purpose Flour, Baking Soda, Salt, Crisco
The BEST Christmas Cookie Bars - Crazy for Crust
Christmas Cookie Bars
Christmas Cookie Bars - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Christmas Magic Layer Brownie Bars | Holiday dessert idea
If you're a chocolate lover, then these double chocolate Christmas cookies will be your new favorite holiday treat. The combination of cocoa powder and chocolate chips makes for an intensely chocolatey cookie that will satisfy any chocolate craving.
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Double Chocolate Christmas Cookies

Main Ingredients: Devil S Food Cake Mix, Eggs, Oil, M M, Chocolate Chips
Christmas Double Chocolate Chip Cookies — Buns In My Oven
Chewy Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies - Boxwood Ave | Recipe ...
Double Chocolate Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies Two Ways—Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Sea Salt ...
Looking for a fun and unique cookie to bake for the holidays? These Rolo chocolate chip cookies are filled with gooey caramel and topped with sea salt, making them a sweet and salty delight.
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Rolo Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

Main Ingredients: Flour, Baking Soda, Salt, Butter, Sugar, Brown Sugar
Rolo Chocolate Chip Cookies | Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe
Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies - LMLDFood
Rolo Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups - Crazy for Crust
Loaded Festive Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies | Daily Dish Recipes
Get the kids involved in the holiday baking with these adorable Christmas reindeer cookies. They're made with Nutter Butter cookies, pretzels, and chocolate chips, and are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.
No Bake Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies - So CUTE! - Thrifty NW Mom
Reindeer cookie, Rudolph cookie, Christmas cookie, | Christmas cookies ...
Christmas Reindeer Cookies
Christmas Reindeer cookie | Christmas reindeer cookies, Christmas ...
These Kris Kringle Christmas cookies are the perfect combination of soft and crunchy. The addition of oats and cornflakes give these cookies a unique texture, and the festive red and green M&M's make them perfect for the holidays.
Kris Kringle Christmas Cookies - Kim's Cravings
Kris Kringle Crinkles - Two Sisters
Kris Kringle Crinkles | Recipe | Cookies recipes christmas, Xmas ...
Kris Kringle Crinkles (With images) | Classic christmas cookie recipe ...
If you prefer your cookies on the softer side, then these soft batch double chocolate cookies are for you. The combination of cocoa powder and melted chocolate makes these cookies extra rich and fudgy.
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Soft Batch Double Chocolate Cookies

Main Ingredients: Unsalted Butter, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Large Egg
Soft Batch Double Chocolate Cookies - Just So Tasty
Soft Batch Double Chocolate Cookies – Eat More Chocolate Eat More Chocolate
Soft Batch Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies | Recipe | Chocolate fudge ...
Soft Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
These red velvet white chocolate chip cookies are a twist on the classic red velvet cookie. The addition of white chocolate chips adds a creamy and sweet element to the cookies, making them a perfect holiday treat.
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Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Main Ingredients: All Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Cornstarch, Baking
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies | Quick & Easy Recipes
White Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Cookies | Queenslee Appétit
Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies Eggless
Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies - Pretty. Simple. Sweet.
These Rudolph cookies are not only adorable but also delicious. The combination of chocolate cookies, pretzels, and M&M's makes for a fun and festive treat that everyone will love.
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12 Days of Christmas Cookies | Rudolph Cookies

Main Ingredients: Salted Butter, Sugar, Large Egg, Vanilla Extract
Easy Spiced Christmas Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cookies
Peanut Butter Rudolph Cookies - Super fun Reindeer Christmas Cookie ...
Reindeer cookie, Rudolph cookie, Christmas cookie, | Christmas cookies ...
rudolph cookies | Christmas food, Rudolph cookies, Holiday cookies
If you can't get enough chocolate during the holiday season, then these double chocolate chip cookies are a must-try. The addition of chopped chocolate bars in addition to chocolate chips makes for an extra decadent cookie.
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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies for Christmas

Main Ingredients: Butter, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Egg, Vanilla Extract
Christmas Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Buns In My Oven | Recipe ...
The BEST Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - Del's cooking twist
The Best Double Chocolate Chip Cookies - The First Year
Double Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt - The Baker Chick
This Christmas crack recipe is a holiday staple. It's made with saltine crackers, toffee, and chocolate, and is addictive in the best way possible. It's the perfect sweet and salty treat to have on hand for holiday guests.
Christmas Crack Recipe {and Topping Ideas} - Cooking Classy
Christmas Crack Recipe (Saltine Toffee) - Mom On Timeout
Best Christmas Crack Recipe (Saltine Cracker Toffee) | The Recipe Critic
Christmas Crack Recipe
Also known as Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cookies, these Christmas snowball cookies are a classic holiday treat. The buttery and nutty cookies are coated in powdered sugar, making them resemble snowballs.
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Christmas Snowball Cookies

Main Ingredients: Unsalted Butter, All Purpose Flour, Powdered Sugar
Christmas Snowball Cookies (Nut Free) – Simplistically Living
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pecan Snowball Cookies - Savory Nothings
Delicious, super easy snowball cookies! | Christmas food, Snowball ...
Snowball Cookies Recipe - Sally's Baking Addiction
If you can't decide on just one type of Christmas cookie to make, then why not make a variety of different ones? These Christmas cookies are a mix of different types, including sugar cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies, and gingerbread cookies.
50+ Fun and Festive Christmas Cookies! - Sallys Baking Addiction
Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make with Kids - Glitter On A Dime
Decorated Christmas cookies, no-fail cut-out cookie and royal icing recipes
Picture Of Christmas Cookies / Santaland Christmas Cookies - Chew Out ...
Peanut butter lovers, rejoice! These peanut butter Christmas cookies are a delicious twist on the classic peanut butter cookie. The addition of festive red and green M&M's makes them perfect for the holidays.
Top 10 Best Christmas Cookies Recipes | Practically Homemade
Peanut Butter Christmas Cookies Recipe | Bless This Mess
Holiday Peanut Butter Blossoms - The Soccer Mom Blog
Easy Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies - Kindly Unspoken
For a healthier option for your holiday baking, try making these almond flour chocolate chip cookies. The almond flour adds a nutty flavor and extra protein to the cookies, making them a guilt-free treat that still satisfies your sweet tooth.

The Perfect Base: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it comes to making chocolate chip cookies, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The classic recipe for these cookies is already perfect – soft and chewy on the inside, with a slightly crispy edge. To start, gather all the necessary ingredients: butter, brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, baking soda, and of course, chocolate chips. Cream the butter and sugars together until light and fluffy, then add in the eggs and vanilla. In a separate bowl, mix together the dry ingredients and slowly add them to the wet mixture, stirring until well combined. Finally, fold in the chocolate chips and refrigerate the dough for at least an hour to let the flavors meld together.

Adding a Festive Twist

Now that you have the base for your chocolate chip cookies, it's time to add some holiday cheer. Red and green M&M's make for a colorful and festive addition to the cookies. You can also swap out the chocolate chips for white chocolate chips and cranberries for a more wintery flavor. Another fun variation is to use crushed peppermint candy instead of chocolate chips for a peppermint twist. The options are endless, so get creative and have fun with it!

Decorating for the Holidays

Once your cookies are baked and cooled, it's time for the fun part – decorating! You can drizzle melted white chocolate over the cookies and sprinkle them with crushed candy canes for a festive touch. Another idea is to use green and red icing to create Christmas tree designs on top of the cookies. Get the whole family involved and have a decorating party – the more colorful and creative, the better!

In conclusion, these Christmas chocolate chip cookies are the perfect treat to bake and share with your loved ones during the holiday season. With a classic base recipe and endless opportunities for customization and decoration, these cookies are sure to bring joy and warmth to your home. So go ahead and indulge in this delicious holiday tradition – we promise your taste buds will thank you.

19+ christmas chocolate chip cookies recipe Discover culinary perfection!

Christmas Crack

yield: 16 total time: 30 minutes
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  • saltine crackers 1 sleeve, about 42 crackers
  • 1 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar packed
  • 12 ounces dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet, or milk chocolate
  • toffee baking bits heath
  • white chocolate melted
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