18+ Best Recipe For Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Experience Culinary Bliss Now!

Published on: Mar 1, 2024

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings families and friends together to celebrate and give thanks. One of the biggest highlights of this holiday is the delicious and hearty feast, with the star of the show being the turkey. While enjoying the Thanksgiving meal is always a treat, the leftovers can often go to waste if not utilized properly. But fear not, because we have the best recipe for leftover Thanksgiving turkey that will have you wanting to cook a whole new turkey just to have leftovers again!

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An Ex-Pat's New Mexican Thanksgiving Turkey | Mexican turkey recipe ...
Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - Reboot turkey with a Mexican-inspired ...
Mexican Thanksgiving Food - MEXICAN TURKEY ALAMBRE RECIPE (With images ...
Mexican Thanksgiving Food - From turkey mole to spicy soups, mexican ...
Spice up your Thanksgiving feast with this delicious twist on a classic dish. Our Mexican Thanksgiving Turkey is marinated in a blend of bold spices and tenderizing ingredients, resulting in a juicy and flavorful bird that will have everyone asking for seconds. Serve it with some homemade guacamole and salsa for a truly unforgettable holiday meal.
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Butter, Orange, Rosemary Sprigs, Salt, Black
Best Oven Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Ever - Oh Sweet Basil
Simple Oven Roasted Turkey Breast - The Stay At Home Chef
Thanksgiving Roast Turkey Recipe | Cooked by Julie
Juicy Roast Turkey | RecipeTin Eats
If you're looking for a simple and traditional way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, look no further than our Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. With just a few basic ingredients and some patience, you can achieve a perfectly golden and tender bird that is sure to impress your guests. Don't forget to baste the turkey regularly for maximum flavor and moisture.
Turkey Pot Pie (Easy Leftover Turkey Recipe) – Well Plated
Turkey Pot Pie - Great for Leftover Turkey! - Sugar Spun Run
Leftover Turkey Puff Pastry Pot Pie - The Brooklyn Cook
Leftover turkey pot pie - Simply Delicious | Recipe | Turkey pot pie ...
Don't let any of your Thanksgiving turkey go to waste with our Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie recipe. This comforting and hearty dish is a great way to use up your leftover turkey and other holiday leftovers. Simply mix everything together in a flaky pie crust and bake until golden and bubbly. It's like Thanksgiving dinner all over again.
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Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Johnny S Seasoning Salt, Unsalted Butter, Fresh
Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - Simply Home Cooked
Top 30 Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey - Most Popular Ideas of All Time
Juicy Turkey Recipe | Juicy Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Recipe
Juicy Whole Roast Turkey | Easy Weeknight Recipes
For a moist and succulent Thanksgiving turkey, give our Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey recipe a try. The secret is in the brine, which helps to lock in moisture and infuse the meat with flavor. You can also add some herbs and spices to the brine for an extra kick. Your guests will be amazed at how juicy and tender your turkey turns out.
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Easy Juicy Oven Roasted Brined Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Salt, Sugar, Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Sage
Easy, Juicy, Oven Roasted, Brined Thanksgiving Turkey, Recipe
Oven Roasted Turkey Recipe [VIDEO] - Sweet and Savory Meals
Dry-Brined Roasted Turkey - Completely Delicious
Juicy Roasted Turkey Breast | Babaganosh
If you want to save some time on Thanksgiving day, try our Easy Juicy Oven Roasted Brined Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. The brining process can be done a day or two in advance, allowing you to simply pop the turkey in the oven on the big day. The result is a juicy and flavorful turkey that requires minimal effort. You'll never go back to traditional roasting again.
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Onion, Lemon, Apple, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh
Easy, No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey - Tastes Better From Scratch
Easy, no-fuss Thanksgiving turkey
32 Easy No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes - 2023 - Grits and Pinecones
32 Easy No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes - 2023 - Grits and Pinecones
If you're a beginner in the kitchen or just looking for a no-fuss way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, our Easy, No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is for you. With just a few basic ingredients and simple instructions, you can have a perfectly cooked turkey that will impress your guests. Don't forget to rest the turkey before carving for maximum tenderness.
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Maple Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Maple Syrup, Fresh Sage, Bacon, Chicken Stock
Maple Bacon Roast Turkey Recipe | CDKitchen.com
This Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey recipe makes an incredibly ...
Easy BACON WRAPPED TURKEY BREAST - Easy Peasy Creative Ideas
Bacon Herb Oven Roasted Turkey - Jelly Toast
For a sweet and savory twist on your Thanksgiving turkey, try our Maple Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. The combination of maple syrup and bacon adds a rich and delicious flavor to the turkey that is sure to be a hit with your guests. Plus, the bacon fat helps to keep the turkey moist and flavorful as it roasts.
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Garlic Butter Thanksgiving Turkey With Gravy

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Unsalted Butter, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Dried
Garlic Butter Thanksgiving Turkey With Gravy - Tatyanas Everyday Food
Turkey Gravy | Recipe | Turkey gravy, Thanksgiving gravy recipes, Slow ...
Garlic Herb Butter SLOW COOKER Turkey Breast | RecipeTin Eats
Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe with Garlic Herb Butter – How to Roast a ...
If you love garlic, then our Garlic Butter Thanksgiving Turkey With Gravy recipe is a must-try. The garlic butter is rubbed all over the turkey, infusing it with flavor and keeping it moist and tender as it roasts. And the homemade gravy made from the pan drippings is the perfect finishing touch to this delicious and indulgent dish.
Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love
Turkey Gumbo | Recipe | Gumbo, Thanksgiving leftover recipes
Mardi Gras Themed 50th Birthday | Turkey gumbo, Bbq turkey, Gumbo recipe
Turkey Gumbo with Andouille Sausage | Lemon Blossoms
Switch up your Thanksgiving menu with a taste of the South with our Thanksgiving Turkey Gumbo recipe. This hearty and flavorful stew is made with leftover turkey and a variety of vegetables and spices, resulting in a satisfying and comforting dish that will warm you up on a chilly holiday evening. Serve it over some rice for a complete meal.
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How to Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Butter, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh
Roast Turkey Recipe - Cooking Classy
Turkey Recipe, Juicy Roast Turkey Recipe, How to Cook a Turkey, Turkey
Roast Turkey Recipe - Add a Pinch
How to Roast the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey - The Roasted Root
If you're new to roasting turkeys, our How to Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is the perfect guide for you. We walk you through each step, from preparing the turkey to carving it, so you can achieve a perfectly cooked bird every time. Don't forget to baste and rest the turkey for maximum flavor and tenderness.
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How to Cook Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Unsalted Butter, Yellow Onions, Garlic Cloves
How To Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Method | Kitchn
How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey | Cooking, Thanksgiving turkey ...
21 Different Ways To Cook A PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey | Cooking ...
Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe | Yellow Bliss Road
Our How to Cook Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is another great resource for beginners. We provide clear and concise instructions, as well as helpful tips and tricks for preparing and cooking your turkey. With our guidance, you can confidently take on the task of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey and impress your guests with your culinary skills.
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Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Brown Sugar, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire
25 Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes - How To Cook Turkey
Best Turkey To Buy For Thanksgiving : The Best Thanksgiving Turkey ...
Thanksgiving Pretzel Turkeys
Free Thanksgiving Turkey Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag
Of course, no list of Thanksgiving turkey recipes would be complete without a classic Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. Our version is simple and straightforward, allowing the flavor of the turkey to shine through. Serve it with your favorite traditional side dishes for a timeless and delicious holiday meal.
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Easy Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Onion, Lemon, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh Thyme
Easy, No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey - Tastes Better From Scratch
Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe • A Sweet Pea Chef
Easy Thanksgiving "Turkey" Cookies {guest blogger} - Celebrations at Home
Grandma's Homemade Turkey Stuffing Recipe - It Is a Keeper
Don't stress over your Thanksgiving turkey with our Easy Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. This foolproof method results in a moist and flavorful bird with minimal effort. You can even customize the seasonings and stuffing to your liking for a personalized touch. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones instead of being stuck in the kitchen.
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Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Kosher Salt, Light Brown Sugar, Smoked Paprika
Best Way to Cook a Turkey With Bacon - Hicklin Netaid
Bacon Herb Oven Roasted Turkey - Jelly Toast
Roast Turkey - so easy, so flavorful, so tender and juicy! Made with a ...
Roast Turkey 7kg| Jamie Oliver turkey recipes Simple Christmas ...
Everything is better with bacon, including your Thanksgiving turkey. Our Bacon Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is a showstopper dish that will have your guests talking for days. The bacon not only adds flavor, but also helps to keep the turkey moist and tender as it roasts. Don't forget to save the bacon fat for future cooking projects.
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Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Garlic Cloves, Fresh Parsley, Sprigs Fresh
Juicy Smoked Turkey Recipe Tutorial | Tangled with Taste
Smoked Turkey and Honey Glazed Baked Ham. Happy Thanksgiving! | Holiday ...
Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey with Morita Chile Gravy | ¡HOLA! JALAPEÑO ...
Traeger Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey - The Grilling Life
If you have a smoker, you have to try our Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. The smoky and earthy flavors from the wood chips add a unique twist to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. The slow and low cooking method results in a perfectly cooked turkey with crispy skin and tender meat. Your guests will be begging for your secret.
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Orange, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Butter, Salt
Mom's Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - Cooking with Mamma C
Mom's Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - Cooking with Mamma C
Mom's Thanksgiving Dressing | How To Feed a Loon
Pom Pom Turkeys - Thanksgiving Craft - Mom On Timeout
There's nothing quite like Mom's cooking, especially when it comes to holiday meals. Our Mom's Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is a family favorite that has been passed down for generations. With a simple brine and classic herbs and seasonings, this turkey is comforting and familiar, just like Mom's love.
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Best Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Unsalted Butter, Yellow Onion, Garlic Cloves
The Best Thanksgiving Turkey
Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe (How to Cook a Turkey)
Best Thanksgiving Desserts Ever : My Best Thanksgiving Recipes ...
Get What Kind Of Turkey Is Best For Thanksgiving Pictures - Backpacker News
If you're looking for the ultimate Thanksgiving turkey recipe, look no further than our Best Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. This recipe has been perfected over the years, resulting in a juicy and flavorful bird that will impress even the toughest critics. The secret ingredient is up to you to discover.
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Spatchcocked Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Kosher Salt, Softened Butter, Fresh Herb
Spatchcock Turkey - Dinner at the Zoo
Recipe: Citrus-Herb Spatchcocked Turkey by Giada De Laurentiis ...
Roast Spatchcocked Turkey | Martha Stewart Living - Cut down on your ...
How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey
For a faster and more evenly cooked Thanksgiving turkey, try our Spatchcocked Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. This method involves removing the backbone of the turkey and flattening it out, resulting in a quicker cooking time and crispy skin. Plus, it's a great conversation starter at the dinner table.
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No-Fail Thanksgiving Turkey

Main Ingredients: Turkey, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper
Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey is a No-Fail, Moist, and Flavorful recipe ...
These Hilarious Thanksgiving fails are worse than Turkey nightmares
No-fail Thanksgiving toast | Thanksgiving quotes, Healthy food ...
Thanksgiving FAILS | Funny thanksgiving memes, Funny thanksgiving ...
If you've had a few turkey disasters in the past, our No-Fail Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is here to save the day. With foolproof instructions and helpful tips, you can achieve a perfectly cooked and tender turkey that will impress your guests. You'll never have to worry about a dry or tough turkey again.
Main Ingredients: Whole Grain Bread, Gravy, Bread, Turkey, Cranberry
Clean Eating Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe | Recipe | Turkey recipes ...
Clean Eating Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes - The Gracious Pantry
Thanksgiving Veggie Tray, Turkey Veggie Tray, Thanksgiving Appetizer ...
Thanksgiving Cooking, Turkey Recipes Thanksgiving, Holiday Cooking ...
If you're following a clean eating lifestyle, you can still enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving turkey with our Clean Eating Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. This recipe uses all-natural ingredients and healthy fats to create a nutritious and flavorful turkey that everyone can enjoy. Serve it with some roasted vegetables for a complete meal.

Mouthwatering Turkey Pot Pie


  • 2 cups of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, shredded
  • 1 cup of mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, corn)
  • 1 cup of leftover gravy
  • 1 cup of chicken broth
  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Using leftover turkey in a pot pie gives it a whole new life and adds a comforting and hearty touch to this classic dish.


  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. In a large skillet, sauté the mixed vegetables until they are tender.
  3. Add the shredded turkey, leftover gravy, and chicken broth to the skillet and mix well.
  4. Let the mixture simmer for 5-10 minutes, until it thickens.
  5. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Transfer the mixture to a baking dish and spread it evenly.
  7. Place the puff pastry sheet on top of the filling, making sure to tuck in the edges.
  8. Brush the beaten egg over the top of the pastry.
  9. Make a few slits on the pastry to allow steam to escape.
  10. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until the pastry is golden brown and the filling is bubbly.
  11. Let it cool for 10 minutes before serving.

This delicious and easy turkey pot pie is a perfect way to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey and will have your family asking for more. The combination of tender turkey, mixed vegetables, and rich gravy in a flaky pastry crust is simply irresistible.


If you don't have leftover gravy, you can make a quick and easy gravy using the turkey drippings and some flour. Simply heat the drippings in a saucepan, whisk in some flour until it thickens, and season with salt and pepper.

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey doesn't have to be boring or go to waste. With this mouthwatering turkey pot pie recipe, you can enjoy a whole new meal that will have you craving for more leftovers. So, don't wait for the next Thanksgiving to try this recipe, make it anytime you have leftover turkey and enjoy the deliciousness all over again.

18+ best recipe for leftover thanksgiving turkey Experience culinary bliss now!

Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

yield: 4 total time: 190 minutes
4.3 Stars (27 reviews)
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  • 15 pounds turkey
  • 4 tablespoons Johnny's Seasoning Salt or to taste
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter room temp
  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary
  • 5 leaves fresh sage
  • 4 garlic cloves minced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 2 cups onion chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups celery chopped
  • 16 ounces stuffing mix pepperidge farm herbed
  • 1 1/2 cups low sodium chicken broth
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